Yoga - Story - Ceremony with Amy Kokoszka

"She who brings you gifts, you did not know you needed." 


Hayoka & The Gifts

My work is of a Hayoka. I did not mean it to be. Perhaps survival, perhaps the thunder Gods spoke to me in the womb and I can not remember. The Navaho believe when and only when the thunder Gods speak to you that you become a HAYOKA. She was a thunder Goddess, the one who officially gave me this name.

We were crossing the deepest lakes east of the Rookie mountains. I believe the West Coast of Canada is home to Deep Spirt, Certainly the oldest tree people, the largest seashells I have ever seen, the biggest smelliest firms and the coldest glacial lakes. There I was named Hayoka, cautiously. Trickster is its original meaning, one who does things backward.  But the trickster keeps the dogmatic rules and orientation of fundamentalism out of living.  They shake things up. Do not exclude, do not follow rule, not because they want to rebel but because they feel see and have a deep empathy for truth. Structure can crush a spirit. There is a time and a place to flip things upside-down and walk backwards. There is a time and a place in all structural and religious, and spiritual practices when anicent methods and approches need to be shifted, flipped upside-down in order to receive the gifts of their essence. These essences or truths that bring us face to face with God, with our heart.


Hayoka I am, and shall be till I stand on my head and yell for Green Eggs and Ham. Maybe then I will no longer be.


Don’t take advise to seriously, practices to rigidly and most importantly trust the tree people, for they are made of us and we are made of them.

THE GIFT it is within.   Holly, Om, Namaste, OmsitNogama, All My Relations, Angel, Warm Water, Amen, Mary. These are some of the words of spirit, of universe, of God and Goddess. What are your words? this divine within you, that surrounds you, that you see in nature, in creation, and in death, and in the depths of your soul? Find your words, the ones with deep meaning for you, that resonates with you, deep in your bones, of your ancestors. Still, your mind, find your virtue and sit within this space.


Self -empowerment – Fortifying the Woman’s Psyche 

Join a supportive community of women as we journey through the “Women of the Wolves” examining how we reclaim and heal missing, suppressed, and hidden pieces of ourselves, fortify our convictions while supporting our individual work.  

Through the Lens of Yoga & Expert Female Authors such as ‘Women who Run with the Wolves’, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, we examine the reclamation of our Wild Woman Nature.

This 5-week course consists of over 4.5 hours of weekly classes broken down into 2 days and will include live and recorded teachings to cultivate a self-practice and support throughout the course.

We meet live on Zoom each week for a 2.5-hour session. Here is where the main teaching is. Amy works with a small group of women on very specific topics, practices, and approaches for re-developing the innate and wild nature of the women’s psyche.

Model 1  VIRTUE, cultivating your true virtue.

Model 2 FIRE,  Keeping your fire sacred. Fire is strongly related to your virtue and recognizing this is essential to a full life.

Model 3 Honouring your CYCLES. We have lost our way in the world. The lights are always on, the switch turned up too high, the nervous system constantly sending signals of HELP. But it is in the stopping and the grounding, the seeding and the resting that the Doing becomes natural. This week we learn our cycles and how to honour them. We discuss the misconceptions of death and relate them back to our lives.

Model 4 CREATIVITY, and its vital role in life. Vital to the spirit. Without creativity, there is no space in which to express our purpose and our dharma.

Model 5 Your PRACTICE. Your Devotion to Self. Your Virtue. Your Sankalpa. Your clarity. Your fire. Your SPIRIT. Maintaining a practice that works for you.

Bonus Week 6. Making the Connection. In the final week, we choose a date to reconnect and share our new story, the reclaimed essence. As My goddaughter would say, we marry Ourselves. Wise words to live by from a six-year-old.


This course is limited to 15 women. And will be essential that you take time each week to be present for the live sessions.

To find out if this course is right for you book a 20 free discovery call with Amy. Click on BOOK below.




Model 2 fire

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Yoga is an individual practice. Bringing all your senses inward and is unique to each person.

Amy describes Yoga as the place to create clarity, space, and give voice to the spirit. The 8 limbs of Yoga are the basis for living and are as follow: yamas (abstinences) , niyama (observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption). 

Let’s discuss asana and pranayama for a moment. It is here that Amy discovered the benefits of the other limbs of yoga. In her teaching, she takes students on a journey of true observation and self-discovery. Teaching intuitively for each student. 

She started with Hatha Yoga while living in an Ashram in Canada in 2000. After her six-month stay submerged in Ashram life, there was little doubt that this was only the beginning of the journey. Yoga is indeed a way of life for Amy. She went on to practice Ashtanga yoga in 2006 and Yin in 2010. Other modalities have come into her life and she incorporates a few into her practice. She is strongly influenced by the Native American culture of her small island in Canada. 

Amy’s Daily practice is now focused on Ashtanga, Yin, breathwork, flute, and chat. It is important to her that we do not get caught in rigid practices or approaches that are driven by ego and potentially harmful to individuals. She frequently practices primary series but at 44 she started the third series of the Ashtanga method with Sarah Hatcher and Susanna Finocchi. Both of these women have taken time to understand this series and come from different approaches. This is important to Amy. The other teacher she feels deeply connected to and grateful for is David Garrigues, Amy feels he resuscitated her practice of yoga.  Jai to all three. 

Modifications are vital to a healthy practice, this is a key element in her teaching. Often she will add Yin positions and include variations of pranayama to start or end her session. 

The reason for describing her practice is to understand her teaching. We often teach what we need and what we practice regularly.  Amy is a deeply intuitive teacher and is committed to her students’ processes, level of practice, injury, and most importantly, heart space. 


Amy has three keys to cultivating an all-encompassing practice are:

Devotion to Self




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It's Time

If you feel called to work with Amy here is your opportunity. If you have any questions book a discovery call with Amy and she can guide you along the way.


Stand barefoot on the earth, breath deeply. ‘This is who I am, and this is how I stand on the earth.’

Amy grew up on Cape Breton Island, Canada, a place with beautiful forests, wild animals, and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  She was strongly influenced by her surroundings and the multi-cultured community of Cape Breton including the Mi’kmaq Frist Nations People, her father’s people of Poland, and her mother’s strong French Acadian and Irish roots. These reflected in her own spiritual life and later showed themselves through her yoga practice and teaching. 

She holds a Master’s Degree in Community Economic Development, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, along with a number of holistic trainings and alternative practices. She credits much of her creativity and joy to a regular yoga practice. “Yoga came before all of these and continues to ground me throughout my life. It gives me the ability to hear myself with a depth of clarity.”

She is actively working with women and women’s issues to recalibrate the trajectory of our lives, in fact, being a revolutionist in her own right. 

Hatha yoga certified through Sivananda yet Asthanga yoga became her main practice. This is where she learned to challenge her boundaries of comfort and limitations, pushing herself past her mind’s idea of whom she thought she was.

Amy started studying  Ashtanga yoga with Susanna Finocchi in Copenhagen Denmark in 2006 and 2007, R. Sarath Jois and  Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2008 in Mysore, and her main teacher David Garrigues out of Philadelphia since 2013. She continues to study Ashtanga Yoga but also encompasses a none traditional approach to this practice, an approach from the stance of women and a woman in her 40’s.  She now studies with Sarah Hatcher a talented teacher who has the skill to help Amy move her practice along. 

Continuing to have a teacher is so special and important to Amy. Jai to all my teachers.

Her practice has evolved over the years as does the desire to delve deeper and continue to learn.”What I love about yoga is that you can recreate the idea of whom you thought you were every time you step on the mat, by utilizing the body as a guide for the soul. Once the body is cleared, cleaned, and centered you can hear with greater clarity, what it is the soul has been trying to convey.”

Amy has been teaching since 2000. She received her first  Teacher Training in classical Hatha yoga through Sivananda in Val-Morin, Canada, after living in the ashram for 6 months. She went on to study different modalities of Yoga including Ariel, Yin, and her main practice Ashtanga. She believes having a spiritual practice or repetitive positive, self-reflecting daily action will keep the body clean and the mind steady so the spirit can work its way easily through this world.

Currently, Amy teaches Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Woman’s empowerment groups. Her teaching is a unique and intuitive style that focuses on self-reflection, kindness, and getting honest with the self. She draws on all spiritual practices and yet feels closest to the practice of yoga and the Native Americans Traditions.

To all the animals, to all the magic of the conscious space within. Keep grounded on the earth, she is our home, the place we came from, and the place we will become again.